Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature ejaculation remedies fall into 3 main groups: (1) psychological involving such things as counseling, psychotherapy, sex therapy and couples’ therapy; (2) behavioral techniques consisting of premature ejaculation exercises like Masters’ and Johnson’s famous squeeze technique, the stop-start technique, and sensate focus; (3) medical solutions, involving drugs to slow ejaculation or anesthetic lotions to numb the penis. There’s also a fourth category for miscellaneous cures, like hypnosis, Tarutao, Tantric sex techniques, hypnosis, ayurvedic remedies, delay condoms, anesthetic gels, and herbal cures – plus a lot more!

Psychological techniques are aimed at changing negative thoughts, reducing fear and anxiety, helping a man develop a healthy attitude to sex, dispelling old emotional issues around sex, and dealing with relationship issues which might be causing a man to ejaculate too quickly, or which may be the result of his premature ejaculation. There are many approaches to premature ejaculation in this category, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), but it’s always important to treat relationship problems and any other sexual dysfunctions such as erection problems as well as the premature ejaculation. The aim is to improve a couple’s sexual communication, give them more and better sexual techniques, increase their sense of intimacy, and resolve any conflict, performance anxiety, low sexual confidence and self-esteem. Using these techniques, a couple can relax and enjoy better sex more often.

Behavioral techniques to cure premature ejaculation involve all kinds of exercises by the man on his own, or with his partner, often practiced during masturbation. These are the most effective cures of all for premature ejaculation.

And medical cures for premature ejaculation may involve medication – drugs like Dapoxetine – or some other kind of medical solution.

In all cases, though, the driving force behind a man seeking a cure for premature ejaculation may be his own personal distress or the pressure he feels from his partner – or the effect rapid ejaculation has on his relationship.

Behavioral techniques to cure PE

Behavioral techniques, known as stop/start exercises, were initially developed in the 1950s by the American urologist Dr James Seman. The stop/start technique helps the man learn his sexual responses, discover when he is close to ejaculation (point of inevitability), and shows him how to pull back from this point. Stop/start exercises should be carried out daily if possible, and each stage should be continued until a change is noted, which may take up to three months or longer.

Medical premature ejaculation cures: SSRIs and other antidepressants

Men who take antidepressants often experience a delay in ejaculation, a fact which focused research on how these drugs might be used as cure for premature ejaculation.  The best are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) which includes fluoxetine, sertraline and paroxetine: however, Dapoxetine is currently being marketed as the best product for premature ejaculation. (A warning if you decide to use an SSRI for treating your own premature ejaculation! Most men who use Dapoxetine sometimes try the drug without first telling their partners. And since the drug can sometimes increase the time between penetration and ejaculation quite a bit, as well as reducing libido, your partner may reach the conclusion you must be having an affair! This, after all, one reasonable explanation for reduced libido and increased sexual latency.) Furthermore, a lot of men stop using the drug after a short period of time because they find they are perfectly happy to ejaculate quickly. It seems that long lasting lovemaking is not everyone’s real desire! SSRIs have their effect by producing an increase in the amount of serotonin available to the central nervous system.

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